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Video Storytelling

Works here were produced during my time at Ithaca College. Get in touch if you see something you like!

"This is Home Now"

In Utica, New York, refugee communities from around the world have successfully adapted to life in America. In this seemingly welcoming and tolerant city, this documentary serves to highlight the national conversation happening about incoming refugees and their plight to be accepted by an existing community -- one that also includes former refugees. I served as the co-director and producer, as well as a videographer and assistant editor. This project is from May 2017. 

Welcome to The Village at Ithaca

Promotional video for the non-profit, The Village at Ithaca, dedicated to promoting educational equity in Ithaca. Edited and directed this project. 

Vitamin L Youth Choir Celebrates Love

Vitamin L Youth Choir - started in 1989 - promotes positive messages to young children through their music. This piece speaks with some of the members and the choir's founders to find out what they're doing now to spread joy in the Greater New York area.

County Releases New Data on Living Wage

Tompkins County has recently pushed to get all county employees onto a living wage. I visited county contracted organization, Foodnet Meals on Wheels, to see how this new change impacted workers there.

Outdoor Learning Expands at Caroline Elementary

New outdoor classroom expansions at Caroline Elementary are giving students fun, innovative and unique ways to learn about the environment.

Cornell may Eliminate Free TCAT Passes for First-Years

In the spring 2014, Cornell University considered eliminating free public bus passes for its first-year students. I went over to the East Hill to talk to some TCAT riders who might be affected.

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